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Friday, June 26, 2009

Where to Start

My Birthday was a fun day spent with my Mom, my sister Laura and her two kids, Veheir and Jheiryn, and my brother Kurt. We went on a little day trip to Seattle to visit a farmers market that Laura was wanting to check out. We made a few stops along the way, and overall it was a fun day.

It's fun watching Kurt grow up...and up...and up. The kid is officially taller than I am. He is witty, and fun to be around. I am excited to see him grow and mature. We always have a great time together.

When I see things as beautiful as the falls, I find myself thankful to live in such an amazingly beautiful state. So many things to see.

Fathers day was another working day for my dad. He did stop to have lunch with us though. Veheir was so excited about that hats. She kept asking us to take more pictures.

I'm thankful for Molly and what a fun she adds to our family. College is going to be so much fun for her. I can hardly wait to hear all of her stories.
I love summer. Yesterday when I was out taking pictures the growing apricots and peaches reminded me that summer is in full swing. Cherries are being picked, and soon we will move on to other types of fruit. Seeing the trees burdened with fruit is an amazing site. It is wonderful to think that God created those tree's just to provide us with something tasty to eat. It's awesome.

The cherry harvest has truly started. A whole years worth of work...that has to come off the tree within a few days, or it will just wither and die. It's fun to watch everyone work, and they taste amazing.

This summer is going to be something new and fun for me. It's the first summer in a few years that I'll be around for the 4th of July! I'm looking forward to my trip to Europe, but with new eyes and a new expectation since this trip will be vastly different from the last two. No one is going with me. Hilary wont be there to pick me up at the airport. There wont be any trio singing for money, or japanese exchange student. There wont be "the birdies" or taking side trips to visit people. No, this trip will be quick and purposeful. It will be a challenge, but for two different reasons. This trip will be a lot of work. The excitement of teaching these kids again is overwhelming. The responsibility that I feel is somewhat empowering. Knowing that God will supply all my needs. Not just monetary or stamina, but provide me with the ability to truly honor Him with this trip. To talk to those kids. To share with them the gospel. I'm so excited.
As I look into the short weeks ahead, and then the short weeks of my trip, I thank God for His provision.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Way to Long

My sincerest apologies....I can't believe how time has gotten away from me. I've seriously neglected this blog, but I hope it has all come to an end.
It's 4 weeks and a day until I leave for Europe. My third trip, and the second one this year. Only 3 weeks this summer, but still the excitement of an adventure has not eluded me. I'll be teaching two week long camps. One will be in Cieszyn, and the other in Dzierzoniow. I'm so thankful that God has provided me a way to be able to go. Camp will be busy and exciting, but I'm also really excited to see all my friends in Poland, many of whom I wasn't able to see on my trip in March.
Time has gone by so quickly. I've been busy with work and church. This Friday marks my 23rd birthday. Although I can remember the days when I would dream about what my life would be like at 23....I must admit that the real things isn't anything like I imagined. Although I'm completely content with my life, I just never imagined myself living in Yakima.....and loving it. I always pegged myself as a big city sort. Not living in a relatively small town...especially not the one I grew up in. I really can only attribute my love of Yakima, to my love for Sun Valley Church. My church family is what makes my stay in Yakima incredible. When I think of why I've stayed here....that is one of the few things that comes to mind. I thank God for bringing me such amazing people.