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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ok, so I'm sitting in Starbucks

I decided to start this post with the honest truth.  I haven't found my "place" yet.  You know, that place where you go to get away, get online, or just read and sip coffee.  In Yakima it was a few places, like Northtown, Berts, or even Fresh Taste Meals(my favorite place to sit online and chat with my roomie).  So, that means for now I've gone to a Starbucks to sit and read, chat, and write this blog.  Please find it in your heart to forgive me for this.  I'm working hard to find a place close to home.  :)

As many of you know I spent 5 days in Rehoboth, DE with the family. It was a good time with the girls, and a joy to be at the beach. I was able to see the sunrise over the Atlantic which I was so excited about. It had never occured to me that people on the East Coast don't get to watch the sunset like we do on the West Coast. I have to admit, it was almost better. It is so peaceful in the mornings, and only the early birds get to enjoy the wonder. I could've sat out on the beach all day and prayed. It was inspiring.

My time in DC has continually been great.  The family and kids are a lot of fun, and even though adjusting to a new job and living situation has had its challenges(and will continue to have challenges) for the most part it has been the adventure I was seeking.  I have been acquiring different tales and happenings to tell you all and I had decided to do a video blog instead of writing it out....BUT I can't seem to figure out how to make my Acer Netbook take videos.  I tried Youtube and Help, but can't figure it out(maybe one of my techie friends could help) Anyway, since I can't tell you all using my dramatic skills I've spent a life time perfecting, I'll have to rely on my mediocre writing skills.  

So, I have more than one post worth of these stories that I'm going to call, "East Coast Oddities"
(Soon I'll have a camera, so I'll post pictures of some of these oddities).  Some might not seem that exciting...but it is the all the little differences that contribute to the entirely different cultural experience it is living here in DC.
For your reading pleasure I present:


#1.  The first thing I'm going to share might not seem like a big deal, but everytime I drive by I laugh.  
7 eleven's are everywhere, BUT they AREN'T gas stations.  Yes, good ole 7-eleven.  They are in strip malls, real malls, they are on street corners, or tucked in next a Macy's.  It's so strange to me, because I instantly associate them with gas stations, but here they aren't.  They are just convience stores where you can grab any last minute snack, magazine, or just in case you're in desperate need of a slurpee(Kurt).  They are very similar inside.  It is just bizarre to me, and I'm definitely not used to seeing them. 

 Yes, this is my the first of many that I have written down.  I have a little journal that I keep in my purse where I write down things that happen whether it is major, or just a simple little story.  

#2 I decided to post another quick story, Susan, my new boss, pointed out to me that both Cherail(the old nanny, and also a Washington State native) and I say, "these ones or these ones" when giving options.  Whether it be, "these pants, or these" or "these socks or these".  I pointed out that it is just the plural form, but she said they would refer to socks or pants in the singular form, for example "This one, or this pair".  Now I realize that I often use the plural form when refering to food, objects, or lots of other things.  I probably wouldn't have noticed but Susan did and I found that interesting. 

Ok, that is all that I have the time to type up tonight.  I've been enjoying all the museums and people.  The metro is worthy of a story or two of its own, so be looking for that.  My list of oddities is rather long, but tonight you'll have to get by with two.  The stories would be that much better if you could here my fake east coast accent while telling...and a few of them require pictures for you to truly appreciate the oddity.  I'll try to share again soon.  I love you all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Never went to print

I love good stories.  I love listening and taking in.  I love watching the emotion play across their face like it was yesterday.  Nearly 60 years ago they met.  She a Newsweek reporter and he a public health engineer.  She was writing an article, and he was the expert.  It wasn't love at first sight or anything of that nature.  In fact, he asked her where she lived and if she needed a ride home, but when it was in the opposite direction he told her just that.  I laughed out loud.  So chivalrous.  A few weeks later they ran into each other at Safeway and he made her dinner.  History.  They were married, and two long careers and three children later they're sitting here at the dinner table telling me about their life adventures.  He smiled the entire time he told this story.  The smile was contagious.  The best part is, her article never went to print. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So, I talk to God.

God's control and timing of things is so perfect.  He brought me here, of this I have no doubt.  I sat outside in the ridiculously hot humid night thinking about what on earth I could possibly be doing in a DC suburb.  I don't know or understand the local culture.  I'm a farm girl from Wapato.  I've always felt comfortable in cities, but I've never actually lived in one. Why did God bring me here?  I sat in my room praying for peace and guidance.  I've never felt more peaceful than I do about my decision to come.  But now that I'm actually here I want to make sure I'm open to His leading.  Having not met many people it's hard for me to actually know what the first step is.  I went to church on Sunday, but now what?  What is my next step of obedience?  I spend a great deal of my days talking with Pop Pop and Grandma(they are currently living here since Grandma Karen fell and broke her arm) but that is about it.  I can't give in and just do nothing(and shopping hardly counts as something).  I've cleaned and rearranged my room, then rearranged it again...just for fun.  I'm enjoying driving around and finding new places, but it's not the same without people.  I've learned that almost everything I do has something to do with human interaction.  I go places and do things for fun, but it's more for the people I'm doing them with.  Starbucks isn't the same without some sort of conversation.  What I'm trying to say is this: I'm realizing real quick that maybe I need to learn how to talk to God in a different way.  A way that makes me less dependant on the people around me, and more dependant on my relationship with him.  Now this might seem basic, but when I'm sitting here face to face with my new reality, it's seems more critical, more important than it ever has before.  I'm enjoying this "alone" time with God, the forced solidarity isn't as bad as I would've imagined, but having patience is.  God brought me here for a what is it?  I spent three years in Yakima before I really realized His plan in taking me there, so I'm thinking it could be a similar situation here.  Trusting God's plan is easy, but also one of the hardest things. 
Speaking of my reason for being in Yakima.  Have I mentioned how incredibly amazing it is having your best friend trust in Jesus as their Savior?  I've never been more encouraged by anyone as I have been by Kendra.  Watching her learn lessons and trust and believe more every day touches me in such an amazing way.  I'm so thankful for God's grace and mercy.  I never even imagined I could be this blessed. 
I'm headed for bed now.  Pray that I'll find some way to employ myself tomorrow that blesses someone else. 
Thank you all for your many prayers. 

Friday, August 13, 2010


So, for those of you that don't know already, I took a job nannying in Chevy Chase, Maryland right outside of DC.  Tuesday night I arrived, and it has been a little bit crazy/busy since.  I woke up early this morning to let you all in on the happenings of my new life.  :)  I feel very fortunate to have Cherail(their current Nanny that I'm replacing) for training.  She is fun and easy to talk to.  I'm getting a long really well with the girls, but I'm sure it'll become a little more difficult.  The first few months are always the hardest while I lay down the laws and have to hold firm to them.  But it's really been fun having girls rather than boys....I might change my mind about that later though. 
We've had crazy thunder storms here, and that has been interesting.  Our power was out for a day and a half, but it came back on last night in the middle of the night.  I've never been more thankful for air conditioning than now. 
I've been very encouraged this week by the outpouring of love and support, so thank you all for helping me be ready to take this giant step.  I'm sure it'll become more difficult, but for now I'm loving all the opportunities I have before me.  It sounds like my charges are up, so I'm going to have to write more later.  I love you all!