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Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring in DC

In the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"  the song sings, "and then one day it's spring".  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I thought I knew what that meant, but I was wrong.  Here it did seem to happen overnight.  One day I'm running in the midst of naked trees and dull brown ground, and then next everything is sprouting leaves and the ground and trees are covered in lush green growth.  I'm in awe of Spring here in the District.  I am amazed at the differences and the beautiful spring weather.  Yes, it's probably the nicest weather I'll have all year, but I'm not complaining, nor am I dreading the incredibly hot summer....I'm just soaking up the wonderful warm weather as it is now.  Sunny and warm at day, raining and thunder storms most nights.  Beautiful. 
Life here is routine now, and I forget to enjoy all the subtle differences as I was when I first moved.  They don't impress me the same, even though I still notice them.  For example:  The lady in starbucks cant understand me when I say Caramel.  I say it in two syllables, not three.  I don't say Car-a-mel.  I say Car-mel.  Wrong, or right everyone here says car-a-mel.  It cracks me up. 
Anyway, my job is great, and moving here was the best decision I've ever made.  It was even more confirmed when my family visited in March and had the opportunity to see my life here.  My work family, my church family, and my friends.  What a wonderful time I had. 
Life, with its busy mundane tasks and its unexpected twists, is so great.  God gave me such a good and specific task, and carrying that out is oftentimes harder than expected, but worth it.  Glorify Him in everything.  Every struggle with my girls, every morning, noon, and night, every hug, every word out of my mouth need to reflect Him and His grace and mercy.  How do I show that my life has been changed by Jesus' work on the cross?  Love.  So, my job is simply to love.
Happy Easter.  I love celebrating that God sent His son to die, and that He died a death he didn't deserve, taking the punishment for my sin, but that he didn't stay dead.  He rose again.  He lives.  And because He lives I can have life through His work on the cross. 

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